Happy at work

I remember coming to my very first work interview. I remember the receptionist who greeted me, I remember which doctors worked in which room. I remember how one of the girls gave me an office tour.

At that time, it was a five chair dental office, and it was hands down the best office I’ve ever worked in.

The only thing that freaked me out a bit and made me uncomfortable was stuff members constantly smiling at me!

For me, as a female immigrant from Eastern Europe it was so unusual that I thought there might be a nitrous oxide leak in the office. Can the office stuff be always happy? How do you get to that point?

Three interviews later I was finally hired. To say that I liked the job right away would be a lie. It took me one week to find the “right shoes”. After that I had my Cinderella moment.

I can’t image how hard it must be to find the right people for the office. People who love what they do and like who they’re working with.

I don’t think that it’s possible to like all of your coworkers the same way, but everyone should be definitely recognized for doing a good job and be given some kudos.

Let’s be honest, all people want to be engaged and to be recognized for their actions. You want it too, don’t you?

Sometimes a simple comparison with a rockstar may boost the confidence and encourage team members to try even harder. On the other hand,  mistakes must also be pointed out, and appropriate solutions must take place, to prevent mistakes from happening again.

Building a team that supports each other in all possible scenarios is a tremendous work, but it’s so rewarding it in the end – when you can call your team a family.

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