Introducing Carelytics

Carelytics Engages Employees and Keeps Dental Practices Healthy

Employee satisfaction and employee retention are two of the most important factors in the long term success of any business, and dental clinics are no different. Carelytics is here to empower your staff, monitor their satisfaction, and give you the tools to strengthen your practice.

Losing a single employee costs thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands of dollars in vacation payouts, hiring time, training time, lost productivity, and recruiting fees, not to mention clinic knowledge and the overall culture of the practice.

“Having worked in software for more than a decade, I was surprised that the performance management tools that were so important to the software industry were missing from the dental industry.”, Taras Zubyak, the creator of Carelytics said, “We set out to provide the same robust set of tools that encouraged employee engagement in other industries, and layered on tools specific to the dental industry.”

Happiness Climate tracks the overall employee engagement of your practice, and gives you an overview of how things are going from an employee point of view. Kudos let employees recognize their peers and gives them a boost of encouragement.

In addition to employee retention, performance management, and bonus tracking, Carelytics also has time tracking to account for hours in the practice, and smart scheduling that takes into account teams, holidays, vacations.

Built-in procedure codes, and document storage will make day-to-day business easier and more efficient.

Learn how Carelytics can help your practice today at https://carelytics.io

About Carelytics:
Carelytics is dedicated to helping dental practices retain their employees and run clinics more smoothly. We have worked hand in hand with practitioners to create an evolving platform specifically for the dental industry.
Learn more about Carelytics at https://carelytics.io

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Code Elves builds software using an iterative, agile development methodology to bring projects and products to life quickly and cost effectively.
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