New norms

The world is slowly adapting to the new norms. Wearing a mask in public, social distancing, avoiding casual handshakes and hugs – all these are still a bit weird to some individuals, but are necessary for the sake of our health and health of our loved ones.

While most of us go shopping regularly, and just recently went for the first haircut in a while, a lot of us are not even thinking about seeing the family dentist just yet.

As a result, dental practices face new challenges: besides patients being scared of drills and needles, there’s a new fear now – fear of catching COVID.

However, it’s ok to be scared. That’s why we, as dental professionals, are here – to help you, educate and walk through the whole process. Don’t be afraid of asking your dentist what changes they have implemented for your safety. You have the right to know.

You can even look at the new IPAC regulations yourself, they are publicly accessible –

In my opinion, the biggest fear is a fear of unknown, and that’s why I find that public education in a key. Educating people about the virus itself, particularly how the virus can spread, and how it’s susceptible to all the cleaning products, is absolutely critical to our adaptation to the situation we’re currently in.

It’s unfortunate that we are living through these hard times, but we do, and we all have to be  responsible. It’s on us to keep good hand hygiene, sneeze in the elbow, wear masks in public and respect each other by keeping social distancing.

Let’s stay safe.

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