Quarantine Dental Care

Some tips on how to take care of your oral health during quarantine and after.

Everyone around the world is going through some crazy times these days, and who knows when we’re going to be back to normal, or when we’re going to get a new sense of normality.

Time flies and our lives are moving forward. It’s important that we take care of our mental and physical health. Since we don’t have the opportunity to just freely have our routine dental practice visits, we need to take greater responsibilities for our own good.

It’s pretty simple: brush your teeth, floss, use mouthwash, watch your diet.

That’s right! It’s not that complicated!


  • Brushing twice a day. It’s super easy and quick – it just takes 2 minutes in the morning and before you go to bed. Skipping on brushing means putting yourself at risk of getting caries. Of course it doesn’t happen overnight. Your mouth is a home for a lot of bacteria, which like to feed on remaining food particles and release acids that are harmful to the enamel (the outer shell of the tooth).
  • Start brushing your teeth gently, no extra pressure needed. You don’t want to damage your gums. Use circular motion and sweeping motions. If you prefer, you can get yourself an electric tooth brush. It will do the work for you, and you just need to move it to all sides of the teeth and brush the teeth for a few minutes.
  • Make sure that you don’t forget to brush your tongue. There are plenty of devices to do that: from brushes to tongue scrapes. Why do we need to brush our tongues? Easy. Eat one Oreo cookie in the evening and brush your tongue in the morning – you’ll see A LOT of Oreo particles in your sink. I know, it’s nasty. Food accumulates in between the groves of the tongue and it’s a great source of “dinners” for our oral bacteria. Unclean tongue is very common cause for halitosis – bad breath.

Flossing (oh I can’t stress enough on this one)

  • Most people hate it. However, by only brushing you’re missing 30% of the tooth surfaces, and those 30 are most often involved in tooth decay.
  • Cleaning of the teeth with a floss is necessary. Careful flossing removes plaque and leftover food that a toothbrush can’t reach.


  • Use mouthwash for added protection, but don’t rinse your mouth with water for at least 30 min. Most mouthwashes contain fluoride (very much needed to protect our teeth against caries), so let it do it’s job for a bit.
  • Mouth rinse is an addition to the everyday brushing and flossing. It helps with making your breath fresh. If mouth wash is too expensive, you can use a salty water rinses. It’s a natural antiseptic and shows some benefits in gum health (be careful if your blood pressure is not controlled).


  • Maintain a healthy diet and keep alcohol intake low.High in carbs diet not only gives you extra curves but also has a significant impact on your oral health. Added sugar is everywhere, so be careful of what you are consuming. Read labels carefully, avoid sugary drinks. It’s recommended to cleanse your mouth with plain water after coffee or tea.

Hope these tips will help you keep your smiles bright.

Stay safe and healthy!

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